Self Love

Embracing Our Shadows

Traditionally, shadows belong to Samhain and the Autumn months. Ghoulies come out of the dark and days are getting shorter. The shortest day of the year marks the Winter Solstice, when we welcome back the Sun and the days begin to lengthen. We celebrate Christmas and New Year’s and launch into our resolutions and “new… Read More Embracing Our Shadows


Honoring Our Dualities

We are all made up of separate parts, our inner selves a gallery of different sides our personalities call upon. Some differences are more distinct than others, and finding a balance between these separate parts is something I’ve always struggled with. Constantly feeling on one end of the spectrum or the other, in everything I… Read More Honoring Our Dualities


Coping with Failure

A friend asked me to write about coping with failure, what that means for a spiritual person. There are so many layers to this question, and I ask you to bear with me in my rambling. First I want you to ask yourself what it means to you to be successful. Is your definition based… Read More Coping with Failure