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Treat Yourself: Mind, Body & Spirit

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When life happens and we’re doing all that we can to keep up with it, we often don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve. Whether you power through and conquer or shut down and spend the month staring at the ceiling (me all of February), you deserve a special treat every now and again. Indulge in a self-love pick-me-up or simply reward yourself for surviving. You are a badass and you deserve it. Your mind, body, and soul are worth the special treatment. These have been my picks for getting me through this last month of “ugh.”


1. Green Goo.

From candles to animal care and beyond, Green Goo has a wide variety of products made with 100% natural herbs and oils. Thus far I’ve enjoyed the Clear Mind Mineral Bath Salts that has an essential oil blend of rosemary and lemon, and the Take It Easy Lavender and Chamomile Body Scrub. This day I was in panic mode and the bath I took with these really helped me calm down and relax. The scent of the body scrub was very powerful, but I’m a big fan of lavender so once I got over the initial shock of opening the jar it settled into my senses nicely. And my skin felt like butter. Yum.

Green Goo is a “women-owned and family operated business” that also partners with charities and aid organizations. So if treating yourself isn’t a good enough cause for you rest assured you’re not the only one benefiting from your self-indulgence. You can read more about it here!

Plus…who doesn’t love slathering their body with something titled Green Goo?? Already a win in my book.


2. DailyOM

This site has resources for loving your body, mind AND spirit all in one spot! It’s my current obsession. And you can sign up to receive a short inspirational email from them every morning. What a beautiful way to start the day.

I just took Unleash the Goddess Within, which is a guided meditation course with lessons ranging from 5-30 minutes, and I HIGHLY recommend it to every woman out there. It’s been an incredible contribution to my self-healing journey. Even if you’re not able to focus in the moment or maintain that mental state once the meditation is over, just the sound of Jumana’s voice is very soothing.

DailyOM has three payment options for each course from $10-40 to help accommodate your financial situation.


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3. Check out these Yoga Apps

Now I’ve never been the biggest fan of yoga. I don’t know what it is exactly, but most yoga sessions just really make me irritable and cranky. Then I found these apps:

Asana Rebel: “Yoga Inspired Fitness”

I started using this app with one of their courses that made me feel like I was doing an active workout more than I was doing yoga. It helped me get the benefits of yoga without falling into the “ugh, yoga” mindset. It keeps track of the hours you’ve put in and how many calories you’ve burned. And what I really love about this app is that in addition to their lengthy courses and short one-time videos, they have a Daily Essential video that changes day-to-day and only lasts 5 minutes, which on some mornings is really all I have the attention span for! My longest streak of using this app every morning was about three weeks, which is easily the longest and most consistent streak of productivity I’ve ever had. But again, February’s been rough as far as productivity is concerned, so it’s safe to say I haven’t opened it up this month, which is when I found:

Yoga Wake Up.

This is the best alarm I’ve ever had. The couple days I’ve used this, I still didn’t really get anything productive done, and the first day I used it I forgot I’d set the wake-up so I had no idea what was happening, but let me tell you it has never been easier for me to wake up and not hit snooze. Unfortunately it’s only available on Apple products, but for those of you with iPhones…Yoga in bed? Yes please.

Both of these have a free trial so you can see if it’s a good fit for you! After the trial ends they have several subscription options that, when broken down month to month, are pretty reasonable.


Comment below with your favorite “treat yourself” picks for rewarding your awesomeness!


*Featured Image & Pinterest Image from Kara Matthias



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